Spring 2007

Another year, another lack of planting. I’ve got a business to run, don’t ya know??

Euphorbia x pasteurii ‘Phrampton Phatty’. A new clone raised here which the visiting Roy Lancaster told me I just had to name. So I did. This plant reminds me of some of the people I saw on a trip to the USA recently.

Euphorbia x pasteurii 'Phrampton Phatty'

Euphorbia x pasteurii 'Phrampton Phatty'

Beschorneria yuccoides ‘Quicksilver’. This is now the readily available commercial clone available in the trade. It is a good form, but, I fear, just another example of a tacky name being attached to a plant for purely commercial reasons. This is the first of many plants of this clone in the garden to flower; the inflorescence reached 3m in length and partially blocked the path as it became ever more horizontal, just as I’ve seen them in nature where they hang out from near vertical moist cliffs in the cloud forests of Mexico.



With mild winters and a good microclimate, Echium pininana has performed well so far, though these inflorescences only peaked out at about 2.5m; probably due to a very warm dry spring as they were expanding.



Lupinus chamissonis.


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