Autumn 2007

My Amicia zygomeris reached huge proportions this year and is still in full flower as I write in early November. A Mexican perennial legume, it has formed a robust clump to about 2.5m tall here.


Phlomis leucophracta ‘Golden Janissary’ is the king of all Phlomis for foliage effects. Shame it’s so hard to ever have enough to sell.


The particularly pale blue and well held foliage of the very rare Beschorneria wrightii. This is the real thing. Many plants in botanic gardens, certainly in California, I’ve observed to be wrongly named.


Albizia julibrissin f. rosea has made a small, very spreading tree in just 2 years. Here fronted by Pennisetum macrourum, with the huge growths of Carrierea calycina behind.


I just love the decay of late summer and autumn. What could be nicer than all those subtle tones?


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  1. Carolpz says:

    Developing very well since I saw it last. You’ve achieved loads in the last couple of years. I liked the Amicia zygomeris and remember how fast it grew when I worked at a local nursery. Wish I could have seen it again this year as we were up that way but two grandchildren put the mockers on that idea. Incidentally I seem to be the first person to comment so do I get a free tree?


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