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Nick Macer at his Pan-global Plants Nursery

Nick Macer at his Pan-global Plants Nursery

Summer 2007

This Agave salmiana has filled out

The summer of 2007 will go down in history as the wettest on record for the UK. Whilst this made for exceptional growth on some
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Spring 2007

Euphorbia x pasteurii 'Phrampton Phatty'

Another year, another lack of planting. I’ve got a business to run, don’t ya know?? Euphorbia x pasteurii ‘Phrampton Phatty’. A new clone raised here
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Summer 2006

Overview of Pan-Global's walled garden

A year can make all the difference! Though in this case a lack of time to get stuck in has resulted in a moderate improvement.
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September – October 2005

These Arctotis have an amazingly long flowering period

These Arctotis have an amazingly long flowering period. Salvia confertiflora in the foreground… Agave difformis jovially says “In for a penny!”, or maybe I made
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August 2005

John Grimshaw's great idea

‘Twas the idea of dear John Grimshaw for me to spread willy nilly seeds of South African weeds about my bare patches. Not at all
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May 2005

Construction still goes on

Construction still goes on… More Agaves bedded in. A distinct need for more planting here… …and here.

April 2005

Paths made from limestone gravel over a permeable membrane

Paths are finally laid, using raw, locally dug limestone gravel over a permeable membrane. My own design of screening, using coppiced hazel rods, chestnut posts
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February – March 2005

The Agave americana gets a roof for the cold season

Brrrrr….glad me Agave’s got ‘is winter woolly hat on. OK so it ain’t woolly, but one layer of plastic makes a hell of a difference
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September 2004

Paths taking shape in the Pan-Global walled garden

A few key structure plants had been planted in 2003 with the raised bed under construction during 2004, using 60 tons of crushed limestone ballast.
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