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For those of you that watch and enjoy the BBC flagship gardening program, you will no doubt be alarmed to hear that I will be presenting some pieces over the next few weeks, starting this Friday 2nd September. We are going to be visitingĀ a few gardeners that use their individual microclimates to best effect and push the limits as to what can be grown, sometimes with very surprising results!

I’m the bloke with the grey hair.

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  1. R Snell says:

    Sounds good to me, all your interesting plants and experience, can only be good, great to have you on board! For me Gardeners World “had” lost it’s way! Thankfully it has now gone from strength to strength since Monty has thaken centre stage, a combination of his knowledge and informative relaxed TV presence, not forgetting Nigel of course, and now Nelly putting on a delightful side Show….has done the trick, just great!! In my opinion though, there’s a definite lack of inspiring gardening programs, on a par with Monty’s great French and Italian adventures! I would love to see a follow up series, where Monty (or yourself perhaps) could revisit France, Italy….Holland (prairie planting), California (dry gardens) and New York……only this time take in private more domestic gardens, on a smaller scale. How inspiring that could be……see what you can do Nick !! Look forward to visiting Pan Global Plants, best wishes, Ray.

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