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Nick Macer at his Pan-global Plants Nursery

Nick Macer at his Pan-global Plants Nursery

‘Rich Pickings’ charity event in Gloucestershire

A Royal Engagement

Well kinda. If you are in London May 14th, why not pop along to the evening event below where I’ll be telling a few planthunting tales. Shane is a splendid chap, responsible for all those trees in Westminster Abbey no … Continue reading

Jeeez. 2014 update finally here!!

With nearly 300 new additions to the catalogue this year, the 2014 update has finally come about. This constitutes a new record for lateness at PGP, with the main causes beingĀ an incredibly busy spring, the needs of my sweet children … Continue reading

Mail Order – changes to this website…

With the restart of mail-order at PGP, after an absence of many years, we thought it wise to add a few useful features to this website. You will notice that we are not running a ‘webshop’ with a checkout etc, … Continue reading

Mail-order – yup, hard to believe.

It has been a very long time since I offered mail-order at PGP and for good reason, it’s a bit of a pain in the neck. I would always much rather welcome people to my own little slice of paradise … Continue reading

In the press again…

As some of you may have noticed, PGP was in the press again last month with a three page spread in the The Independent Magazine last weekend, written up by the lovely Anna Pavord and a profile of myself, by … Continue reading

A few words on just a handful of this year’s New Plants

With such a huge amount of new additions this year it is going to be difficult to select a few to write about here, but here we go: A few different wild collected Acers from my trips to Guizhou and … Continue reading

2013 update, as late as ever, but me oh my look at all the great new stuff.

Quite frankly, my catalogue will never be updated for Jan 1st, there is simply too much work involved, what with the ridiculously large amount of new additions I have to describe and enter every year, let alone checking everything else. … Continue reading

Part time assistant required at Pan Global’ for the 2013 season

Do you fancy a part time job at PGP? Nick requires an assistant to work Mondays and Tuesdays from April to October and also some extra hours here and there. You’ll be potting on stock, watering etc, etc. The more … Continue reading

A new season…

Tomorrow, 1st Feb 2013, is the first day of Pan Global’s official ‘New Year’ and the gates will creak open again to welcome you all in to my little nursery… that needs a bit of a spring clean. Nothing like … Continue reading