Mail Order

Pan Global’ is now offering mail order plants!

We’ve added a Shopping List feature to the website which allows you to compile a list of plants while browsing our plant catalogue. (Pricing is not included here, as plants are often potted on during the season and the prices change.)

When you’ve finished compiling your shopping list, you can submit it to us along with your contact details and we’ll respond as soon as possible to let you know what’s in stock and to give you a total cost. (This may sometimes take a while so don’t give up – but do email or call to check if you haven’t heard back within a few days – orders taken in the winter months may take longer as the nursery is closed and mail order runs when Nick is not plant hunting!)

Alternatively, if you’d like to visit the nursery instead of using our mail-order facility and require plants to be reserved, please use the Shopping List feature in the usual way, indicating in the ‘Further info‘ field when you’d like to pick up your plants, and we’ll then get back to you regarding availability etc.

Mail order details

  • We operate a £20 minimum order value for mail-order and send only to countries within the EU (including Switzerland, etc.). Mail order is volumised for pricing so it is hard to give an exact price of postage until we see what boxes your plants will fit in. The smallest box is £18.50 and our biggest box (187x36x36cm) is £28.50, with a £20.00 mid-sized box also. We now cannot send in anything but a box (no netting or other wrapping).
  • For orders that require more than one box we charge £3 extra per box on top of the extra volume charged by our courier. We will of course happily quote you for orders.
  • For other countries within the EU we will quote individually. Please provide your full address for a quote.
  • There are various other charges for eg. central London, Isles, Highlands, N. Ireland and Ireland and we will let you know the cost once we have figured out how many boxes you will need.

NB: As a small specialist operation with a large plant list, many of our plants are propagated in small numbers and sell-out fast. It’s therefore not possible to have a fully automated transactional system on the website.

When you’re happy with the contents and cost of the order, you can pay over the phone during opening hours with a debit or credit card and we’ll send your plants as soon as possible.

If perchance you do not hear from us  within a reasonable amount of time having sent in your order, please do give us a call or email – it sometimes gets a little hectic and we (Nick or Ames) are really trying to get back to our customers as quickly as possible.