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Actinidia arguta ‘Weiki’
Out of Stock
Akebia longeracemosa Clone 1
Akebia trifoliata
Out of Stock
Ampelopsis megalophylla
Aristolochia californica
Out of Stock
Bomarea acutifolia F&M 130
Clematis vinacea Dioscorea japonica var. japonica
Out of Stock
Dumasia truncata ex Kyushu
Out of Stock
Ficus carica x pumila
Out of Stock
Hedera azorica Amber fruited form
Out of Stock
Holboellia brachyandra
Holboellia latifolia var. angustifolia Hydrangea integrifolia Kadsura aff. heteroclita Lonicera crassifolia
Out of Stock
Lonicera glabrata ‘Damchin La’ KR 10608
Lonicera henryi ‘Copper Beauty’
Out of Stock
Lonicera hispidula
Marsdenia oreophila (syn. Cionura)
Out of Stock
Muehlenbeckia complexa
Out of Stock
Philadelphus karwinskianus F&M 152
Philadelphus mexicanus ‘Rose Syringa’
Out of Stock
Rosa ‘Cooperi’
Rosa banksiae ‘Lutescens’

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